Meet the team

We are a remote-first team of senior technology experts and coffee professionals: data scientists, product managers, software and hardware engineers, coffee and sustainability professionals.

We love building tech products to solve real problems.
Furthermore, we truly believe that it's time to make a difference in the agricultural industry. Coffee is the first step, other agricultural supply chains will follow and become more traceable, fair and efficient.

We love working fast and efficient, no small talk, but lots of fun. We are very honest and direct. We love talking to our customers and seeing how their passion for coffee lets their eyes shine. We always learn a lot from their experience and ideas.

We are based in 3 cities in Europe (Berlin, St. Petersburg, Madrid), and we speak 5 languages (EN, ES, DE, RU, FR). Let us know the language you prefer :)
Lina Gundelwein
Co-Founder & CTO (Software)
Lina is responsible for the software development and the core of products - AI. She spent 5 years researching and developing Computer Vision and Machine Learning solutions in the medical space. Her superpowers are positivity, decisiveness and attention to detail.
Anton Musteikis
Co-Founder & CTO (Hardware)
Anton takes care of hardware and production of devices. He is a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering and a former rocket scientist, who spent 7 years developing deep-tech products. His superpowers are inventiveness and experimentation.
Misha Kochikov
DevOps / Full-Stack Developer
A born geek, Misha gave up a high-profile career to follow his true calling: making computers serve people. He is behind our edge and cloud infrastructure, occasionally moonlighting as a frontend engineer. His superpowers are persistence and a hands-on approach.
Darina Onoprienko
Founder & CEO
Darina is in charge of the business side: marketing, operations and sales. She is a serial entrepreneur and AI product manager, who pursues her vision for a better future with the team. Her superpowers are clear communication, tenacity and persuasion.
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