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Revolution in Green
Coffee Grading:
100% Accuracy
at 5x Speed.

Unveil the Future of Coffee Quality Analysis.
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AI-enabled solution
for green coffee grading & actual
traceability. is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution that automates green grading. delivers 100% accurate results only within 4 minutes per sample. Objective quality checks facilitate trust along the supply chain and bring transparency, fairness, and traceability to coffee businesses.

Whether you're a producer, roaster, or anyone in between, discover the efficiency and accuracy gains can deliver.

For producers
  • Track changes in processing of batches
  • Compare quality reports over time
  • Share results with traders and roasters
  • Benchmark against other producers
  • Receive guidelines to improve quality
  • View price estimates
For traders
  • Speed up quality checks at purchase
  • Organize logistics according to coffee quality and changing weather conditions
  • Incentivize producers for better quality
  • Manage your samples along the chain
  • Full traceability from purchase point to roaster
For roasters
  • Spend more time cupping, less grading
  • Compare pre-shipment samples with lots
  • Track aging of your coffees
  • Incentivize producers for better quality
  • Access quality and traceability data at every step of the supply chain


VeroLab 1.0 Device
  • 1. Load sample in the device
    Load the samples of up to 500 grams of green coffee into the device and start the grading.
  • 2. Let AI do the green grading
    VeroLab 1.0 scans every bean separately from both sides and analyzes them with advanced AI algorithms.
  • 3. View analytics & insights in the Web App
    Results are available in a PDF report within 4 minutes on the device screen and Web App. Unique Advantages
  • 100% accuracy ensures 100% accuracy by scanning beans from both sides using high-resolution industrial cameras and analyzing images with advanced AI algorithms.
  • 5x faster grading analyzes a 350-gram sample in just 4 minutes in comparison to 20-45 minutes of tedious manual grading.
  • 1 global standard builds introduces a global standard for green grading and ensures a seamless translation between SCA, NY, and origin guidelines.
  • 2x cost saving saves at least 50% in labor costs on green grading and data entry, reduces bottlenecks in Q Labs, and allows Q Graders to focus on sensorial analysis.
  • Full product traceability ensures the traceability of coffee along the entire supply chain by creating a unique ID of a sample based on the beans' fingerprint.
  • Data-driven decisions advanced quality analytics and insights along the supply chain support production, trading, and roasting decisions.


Make use of the quality data at every step of the coffee supply chain.

✓ Streamine quality control process across the organization and supplier networks
✓ Eliminate bottlenecks in the quality lab and allow Q Graders to focus on more value-adding tasks
✓ Increase trust and reduce friction working with your suppliers and buyers
✓ Use data to support important production, trading, and roasting decisions

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