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Achieve high consistency & accuracy of green coffee quality control at farms, purchase points, Q Labs & roasteries.



Consistent & accurate quality control along the entire supply chain.

Manual analysis of green coffee is a very inaccurate and time-consuming process. Accuracy of results depends on the qualification of green coffee graders and their experience, how tired they are.

There is a need for the objectivity of the quality control in the coffee supply chains in order to make them traceable and fair.

QUALITY CONTROL REDESIGNED Solution solution is designed to support the current green coffee grading process at various locations: farms, purchase points, Q labs, and roasteries.

The solution consists of:
  • Portable lightbox and table
  • Mobile App
  • Web App
Accuracy in the analysis of defects, screen sizes, and colors.
Faster quality checks in comparison to green coffee grading.
Consistency of results across the locations.

How it works

Load a sample on the table place in the lightbox
Spreading a sample on the table and placing it in the lightbox allows producing images of consistent quality. The table is optimized for 70 g samples and seamless flipping.
Take pictures with Mobile App
Using Mobile App, take high-resolution pictures of a sample from both sides under visible light, in future versions also under UV and NIR light.
AI algorithms will do the rest
Each bean is segmented and separately analyzed. Bean colors (RGB values and intensity) are measured, bean outline shapes are drawn and bean screen size distribution is calculated. Defective beans are classified according to SCA Standard.
View, share and export results
Results are displayed within minutes in Web App. They are easily sharable via email along the supply chain and can be exported in .pdf and .csv files.

Lightbox & Sample Trays
Lightbox size: 30x30x30 cm
Sample trays: 30x30x2 cm (2 parts)
Weight: 250 g
Power supply: 5V DC
Portability: portable and foldable
Mobile Application
Lightweight Mobile app

Download via Play Store
Operating system: Android >=Version 9
Camera: Back camera >=12 MP


AI algorithms learn the bean appearance in all their variation.

Our AI Algorithms are trained on thousands of samples, graded by certified and experienced green coffee graders.

AI Algorithms learn all variations of beans and are able to easily analyze every variety and origin of Washed Arabica.


We detect and classify Primary and Secondary defects, count defected beans and "full bean equivalent" according to SCA guideline.

In order to classify 16 classes of defects correctly, AI Algorithms analyze colors, shapes and sizes of defected areas.


We detect bean size, screen size distribution and variation between screens.

In order to detect screen sizes correctly, algorithms calculate the area of beans and analyze their shapes based on their detected outline, minimum and maximum axis lengths and solidity.


We detect bean size, % per screen and variation between screens.

In order to detect the color of the sample correctly,
AI algorithms access the color of every "good" beans, analyze variations and detect an average color per sample.


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