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Make a step towards sustainable, traceable, fair supply chains to impact millions of coffee producers.



The global coffee
supply chains are not traceable, fair and sustainable. Producers are suffering the most.

All coffee in the world is grown by 25 million farmers across Latin America, Africa and Asia. 85% of those are smallholders and their livelihood is at risk. Global coffee supply chains are intransparent and complex, and there is no mechanism to ensure that farmers are rewarded fairly.
We believe that it's time to change the way agricultural supply chains work. That's why we developed our solutions to bring lasting impact and why we want to make them available to as many producers, traders and roasters as possible.

Objective quality checks protect producers from unfair prices and allow them to track quality of their coffee and earn higher premiums. Traceability data allows rewarding farmers fairly, ensuring their hard work and certifications pay off. Traders and roasters can run effective sustainability programs to help producers to improve quality of their coffee and increase productivity.

All in all, this brings positive change to millions of people worldwide.

How do we create impact?

Objective quality control
Objective quality control with creates trust among parties. Producers are finally able to assess the quality of their coffee, improve it over time, protect themselves from speculation and receive a fair price for their produce.
Traceability from Farm to Cup Traceability is based on reliable, automatically inserted quality data. It allows tracing coffee back to origins and producers, keeping all the track record along the supply chain.
Impact delivered to producers
Traders and roasters are able to run sustainability programs, measure impact and pay higher premiums directly to producers who deserve them, based on the quality and traceability data.
People involved in coffee production worldwide
125 M
Investment in certifications
pay back to producers
Higher premiums can be paid to producers

Fair premiums are paid directly to producers allows to objectively assess quality of coffee from different producers, calculate and pay fair premiums based on quality data.

This allows producers to improve quality of coffee, support their families and improve their livelihood as much as they can.

Sustainability programs deliver impact allows running sustainability programs effectively, tracking their imprint on the coffee growing communities over time.

This allows to direct efforts and budgets where they are needed, aiming for the highest possible impact, improvement of coffee quality and produced volume.

Tracing certified coffees made easy allows verification of certifications like Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ based on traceability data and compliance to quality standards.

This ensures return on investment for farmers via higher premiums for certifications. For traders and roasters, this is a guarantee of quality and compliance with requested standards.


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