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I'm interested in analyzing the quality of natural and honey coffees. Can you do it?
We can easily adjust our AI Algorithms to natural and honey coffees if training samples are available. Please contact us to express your interest.
I'm interested in analyzing green beans in UV and NIR light. Can you do it?
We are working on integrating those additional options for analysis. Subscribe to our updates, and we will notify you as soon as the UV and NIR light sources are integrated.
I'm interested in measuring moisture and water activity. Can you do it?
Unfortunately, this functionality is not available yet. We are planning to develop a separate solution for moisture measurement in the future. Stay tuned and subscribe to our updates!
I'm interested in analyzing the quality of other crops. Can you do it?
Yes, our solution is easily adaptable to other crops like cocoa, nuts, rice etc. Please contact us to express your interest.
I want to know the price. Where can I find it?
Please contact us, and we will send you an offer.
I want to order the Lightbox & Table. How can I do it?
You can already order and start using devices. Please contact us for details.
Do you deliver devices outside the EU?
Yes, we are delivering worldwide.
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